The Biggest Booty Building Mistakes | Natalie Jill

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WRONG: Do not multi-task while working out. I know that lying down is a tempting position to relax and multitask, but that isn’t helping you improve your body! Mindlessly working out gets you nowhere.
RIGHT: Create tension on your glutes before you even start the motion. Pick up your hips as high as they can go, curl in, and lift the hips as high as possible. Once you’re at the top, as high as you can lift your hips, then flex your glutes! It’s really important to place enough tension on the muscle to help stimulate development


WRONG: Again, don’t mindlessly go through the motions. You don’t want to be going as fast as possible; that isn’t the goal here.
RIGHT: The goal is to being doing controlled, mindful motions. Focus your awareness on your glute muscles and MAKE them do the work. A lot of people have synergistic dominance, which is where the lower back and hamstrings tend to overwork while the glutes tend to underwork! When this is happening, your glutes aren’t being stimulated at all. This is why it is really important to activate you glutes pre-workout! Also make sure that your legs are in the right position — not too far out, and not too tucked in. As with any exercise, you always want to make sure you are progressing. If something becomes too easy, you need to challenge yourself. Progression is key in developing any muscle.


WRONG: Don’t use your back leg to propel forward. It isn’t a race.
RIGHT: Make sure all of the tension is in the glute on the same side as the bent knee. Once you feel all the tension in the glute, release the leg that is straight behind you, and you’re “dragging” yourself forward by activating that front-leg glute muscle.

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